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Kimberly Schulz, Owner Ace In-Home Personal Fitness Training, Certified Fitness Trainer

As an experienced personal trainer, it is my job to devise individualized programs to meet your goals and improve your general health. Believe it or not, we are not a prisoner of our genes. In order to maintain fat loss, you must attain a balance of exercise and nutrition. Fad diets are low calorie diets disguised by a marketing gimmick. Any immediate success is due to water loss from lack of carbohydrates. You need to change exercise and eating habits for life.

Strength training and improved cardiovascular fitness not only increases muscular strength and endurance, it builds bone, cartilage, capillary density, blood volume, and flexibility. There is a decrease in body fat, stress, tension, and resting heart rate. In addition, core stability, or Pilates will improve your coordination and balance. You will improve your overall feeling of well-being, self esteem, and confidence.

After six weeks, we take your body fat percentage and measurements. From there we can evaluate your progress. It takes three interdependent components to reach success. These three things are strength training, cardiovascular fitness, and nutrition. The idea is to “trick” the body into a new set point. Your set point is the approximate weight and fat percentage that your body settles into which is determined by genetics. I do this by constantly changing the exercises and working many muscles at once. This raises the heart rate so you will burn as many calories as possible. Also, the exercises do not become stale and boring. Most often my equipment consists of free weights, bands, a Swiss Ball, and a Dynadisc. For most people, the goal will to be to burn as many calories as possible during and after exercise. We will want to make use of the "afterburn". This is another name for excessive post-oxygen consumption (EPOC). More energized workouts contribute to a faster metabolism after you’re finished with the exercise.

Exercising at home has its advantages. It is convenient because you don’t have to drive anywhere, it saves you time, allows you to concentrate better, you can workout anytime, and you’ll act as a role model for your family. You never know what you can accomplish. I will coach you to success!