Ace Fitness In-home Personal Fitness Training: Kim Schulz, Santa Clarita Personal Fitness Trainer

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About Ace In-home Fitness Training

Ace In-home Fitness Training offers personalized fitness programs. The programs are designed for your individual needs. In addition, Ace In-home Fitness Training supplies all the equipment so that you may exercise in the comfort of your own home.

You will see results in as little as six weeks. There's no enrollment, no contract, and no hidden costs. Contact Ace In-home Fitness Training now for your free consultation.

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"There are benefits to hiring an experienced in-home fitness trainer over a gym. Ace In-home Fitness Training will go over your medical and fitness history, take measurments, body fat percentage, and assess your strengths and weaknesess. Somtimes you just need help with your exercise routines. You may need to know what exercises to perform to reach your fitness goals. Also, you may not be executing the proper form. This could cause injury. Need to be held accountable? Kimberly will coach you to success."

- Kimberly Schulz, Certified Fitness Trainer

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